Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson is a double edged sword for the anti-EU movement. He holds the most favourability with the nation; he is the most recognisable politician in the land; he appeals to parts of the country his respective party would struggle to without him. For Boris to sign up to the Leave campaign is a double in the sense that I now fear all media coverage regarding those that speak for a Britain free from the EU… will be centred on him. Boris has favourability but he does not convey or propel confidence. He brings forward ambition, humour, relevance and the ability to get through any interview with bringing out his bike and waving a copy of Greek proverbs to quote from. But what the Leave campaign needs right now, to win, is confidence, argument, intellectual weight and answers for those questions that many Britons right now have posted to the movement: be it on what kind of future relationship the UK should have with the EU or what course should Britain chart post-Brexit.

Boris becoming the face of the Leave campaign will not tackle that challenge. He’ll instead prove a distraction that’ll prevent our side from making our argument and tackling the questions we so desperately need to answer to win… Instead of being a boon to our cause, he is a sticking plaster. A recognisable face, sure, but a recognisable face to help us win? I’m not so sure.

I fear the media coverage will centre on his brewing conflict with the Prime Minister. Rather than provide a favourable voice to our cause he instead is providing a voice for more conflict, more distractions and less time for us to face our challenges head on.

I hope I am wrong.


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