Unpopular short thoughts and opinions

Popular opinions are, broadly, not the best opinions. Populism is a nice, friendly, easy ideology to take as your own – that is, adhering to the absolute wishes of the public – but it’s… an unprincipled principle. Take for example, public opinion towards war. For the government to take a populist stance towards airstrikes in Syria would mean they’d be opposing the concept right up until December whereupon they’d u-turn. Why? Because the public were so viscerally opposed to any British intervention in Syria… until December. Opinion changed. For the government to tell the world they’re not going to get involved in a war, until public opinion – sporadic as it is – shifts, is unhelpful and unreliable. Populism is shit. Listening to the public most of the time, whose perceptions are set so far from reality, is… probably not the best thing to do. Rather than go for a binary populist or anti-people choice, you need to strike a balance.

More (maybe unpopular) opinions and thoughts:

  • Cigarettes and smoking, unhealthy and damaging as they may be, life threatening as they are, are, from a purely aesthetic point of view, pretty damn attractive. I don’t know why. It’s a Tumblr thing of mine, I’m sorry.
  • Porn seems… boring. Erotic literature is, well, so much better. The effort put in to explain the scene, the thoughts, the wants, the feelings, the… everything; the heart put into it: it all means something. It all pays off. Acting is acting, it’s either fake, dramatised or amateur. Erotic writing, for the most part, isn’t. It has meaning.
  • Sex negative feminism is a disappointing concept, reserved for white middle class hetero feminists who often go hand in hand opposing sex work, stigmatising those who are part of the sex industry as well as refusing to recognise trans people.
  • I’m socially liberal, economically centre left (so far so good, right), and, well, opposed to the European Union. Not, um… not a commonplace combination! I’m not necessarily on the radical wings of the political spectrum, so, uh, yeah. Well, okay, I support Bernie, but – come the fuck on – he’d fucking fit right in with the Labour Party in Britain.
  • There’s not enough tolerance or understanding of paranoid, jealous or attention seeking partners in relationships. Too long these people are dismissed as wastes of time; too many times ‘nobody’s got time for that’, and it hurts. Some people, who are paranoid, easily jealous, want attention… they just need love and understanding. They need patience and the will to help from the other half, and that paranoia, that jealousy, that lack of self worth… it will lose its value as a problem. I don’t think enough people really get this or, for want of appearing strong, want to get this.

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